Post-doctoral position at Sloan Kettering

RNK r-kolesnick at
Fri Jul 24 15:46:02 EST 1998

Post-doctoral position available to study the role of stress signaling in
C. elegans.  Our group evaluates mechanisms of signal transduction through
sphingolipids, stress kinases, and caspases in the induction of apoptotic
and non-apoptotic death in yeast, C. elegans and mammalian systems.
Mechanisms by which ionizing radiation and chemotherapeutic agents act are
emphasized.  Cancer research using human xenografts in mouse systems
translate basic into pre-clinical concepts.  These studies are performed in
my laboratory at the Sloan-Kettering institute in New York and involve a
long term collaboration with Michael Hengartner at Cold Spring Harbor.  If
you are interested in applying for this position please send your
curriculum vitae to:

Richard Kolesnick
e-mail address:	r-kolesnick at
Fax:			212-639-2767
Tel:			212-639-7558
Address:		1275 York Ave.
		Box 254
		New York, NY 10021

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