Postdoctoral Position

Michel Labouesse lmichel at
Thu Mar 19 11:46:40 EST 1998

Postdoctoral Position

A postdoctoral position is available starting in May to study the formation
of the somatic gonad in C. elegans. Past work in the lab has characterised
the function of the gene lin-26 during gonadogenesis (see: den Boer et al.
Worm Meeting 97 and submitted) and will represent a starting point. The lab
is located in the IGBMC, an Institute with a strong commitment in
Developmental Biology and Transcription. It is 10 km away from Strasbourg
near the French-German border in Alsace. Funding is available for eight
months in 1998; beyond that period fellowships from International or French
sources will have to be applied for. Prior experience in Developmental
Biology and if possible with C. elegans would be an advantage. People with
a French citizenship are not eligible for the funding covering the
May-December period. Please send your CV, a list of publications together
with names of three references to:

Dr. Michel Labouesse
67404 Illkirch Cedex, France

Fax: (33) 3-88-65-32-01
e-mail: lmichel at

		Michel Labouesse

IGBMC				office: (33) 3-88-65-33-93
BP. 163				lab:    (33) 3-88-65-33-91
1, rue Laurent Fries		fax:    (33) 3-88+65+32-01
67404 Illkirch Cedex
France				e-mail: lmichel at

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