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Mike Palopoli,palo at,Internet writes:
>I am looking into the purchase of an inverted microscope that will be the
>main workhorse for my new laboratory.  I would like to get something that
>will function effectively for microinjection and for general image capture
>(brightfield, DIC, and fluorescence).  Although I have not used a system
>that is set up for 4D microscopy, the flexibility to use the system in this
>way would be an obvious bonus.  Do you have any recommendations?
>Also, has anyone tried the new CARV module and CARVer software from Atto
>Instruments Inc.  for confocal viewing and automated z-sectioning without
>using a laser?
>(advertised on the web at
>Best regards,
>Mike Palopoli, Ph.D.
Dear Mike,
I'm not sure if you know me.  My name is Andy Papp.  I used to do
C. elegans stuff (cloned lin-29, co-discoverer of smg genes), and
then started a small biotech company, Tritech Research.  We have
all kinds of products especially to save worm labs money and make
the research go smoother.  One of these is our microINJECTOR System,
an electronic, foot pedal controlled microinjection controller, used
by the majority of all worm labs doing microinjection (partly
because of the quality, and partly because it costs only $425!!!)

We have recently begun supplying complete microscope systems,
pre-equipped/configured for all the things you mentioned above.
The 2 main scopes I would recommend are the Olympus IX70 and
the Leica DMIRB.  We can set up the entire system, from custom
made glide-stage, optimal GFP fluorescence, digital image
acquisition (and output) equipment, micromanipulator,
and of course, our microINJECTOR.  You can check out most of
our products at our website, at:
but the scope setups are a thing that we do custom for each lab,
so for that, I will have to discuss your exact needs to put together
a quote for you.  Generally we can do better than any local rep,
because we have lower overhead, and of course you won't find
another setup that comes fully equipped, from someone who
actually has done worm injections, etc.  We also have a catalog.
Let me know if I can be of help in any way.

Best regards,
Andy Papp  (800) 7-333-TRI
Tritech Research, Inc.

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