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andy apapp at
Fri Nov 13 09:44:44 EST 1998

Bryan.Koch at wrote:

    David Greenstein received an email yesterday that stated that Tritech was
going out of business.  We were just wondering if this email was true or a
rumor.  Thanks for your time.

Bryan Koch
Dear Brian and David, and Everyone else,

What a strange rumor - I'd love to know where it came from!  Anyway,
it gives me a reason to say hello to everyone.  Things at Tritech are
going great!  Here are some highlights:

We got a big NIH grant to develop a mammalian version of our hand-held
electroporator, The Cloning Gun, and one year into it, we have had
great success.  This past week, we were at the Society for Neuroscience
Meeting and debuted the "MammoZapper" version of The Cloning Gun.  We
have developed a gun and a new procedure utilizing a non-ionic near-isotonic
electroporation medium that give higher transfection efficiencies and
higher cell survival than any unit on the market.  For example, we routinely
transform 60% of primary oligodentrocytes, PC-12, B104 and COS-7 cells,
and over 40% of almost all other cell typed we have tested, with cell survivals
of 80-95%.  The Cloning Gun, and a new ultra-low-cost computer-controlled
microscope stage, and a CO2 version of our DigiTherm incubator, along with
a latenight pizza and beer blast we hosted at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel,
were the talk of the trade show floor.

To keep within the rules of our moderated newsgroup/list I will stick to
just the scientific results and news of our "continued existance".
We did move to improved facilities about 15 months ago.  Perhaps someone
tried to contact us at our old address, and was unable to, so they thought
we were going out of business???  Anyway, here is our new adress, phone,
and fax.  The 800 number is still the same.  Also, we have our own domain
now, so please update your records with our new e-mail and website address,
as well.  Please see job listing below.

Best regards,

Andrew Papp, Ph.D., President
Tritech Research, Inc.          NOTE: NEW FAX, ADDRESS & INFO
2961 Veteran Avenue
Los Angeles, CA   90064
Tel (310)446-4460
Fax (310)475-1533
Orders (800) 7-333-TRI
info at
We are looking to hire one or more individuals with aptitudes for
both biology and particularly electronics.  Interested candidates
should contact me via one of the numbers or addresses above.

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