A.J.Cann nna at
Sat Nov 14 15:49:18 EST 1998

We have just started trying to look at GFP expression in C.elegans but are
having trouble with autoflourescence in the gut. We have tried both wt GFP
& Clontech EGFP (red-shifted), using a BioRad confocal microscope & manual
UV microscopes, all set up for FITC fluorescence.

We would be very grateful for any suggestions/references as to how to get
around this problem. On the other hand, we would also consider alternative
marker genes - any suggestions?

Sorry for the naive questions - new to this field!

Dr Alan J. Cann  PhD,   Department of Microbiology & Immunology,
University of Leicester,  P.O. Box 138,  Medical Sciences Building,
University Road, Leicester LE1 9HN,  UK.

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