Parasite Nematode Workshop

Claude Maina maina at
Mon Jan 11 16:56:27 EST 1999

Parasitic Nematode Workshop

A workshop on Parasitic Nematodes (plant and animal) will be held during
the 12th International C. elegans Meeting, University of Wisconsin,
Madison, June 2 - 6, 1999. Interested speakers should contact either Claude
Maina or David Bird at the addresses below. No abstracts will be required
for the workshop; deadline for titles will be May 1st.

Information about the 12th International C. elegans Meeting can be found
at: We will post more
information about the workshop on the meeting's web site.

David Bird
Plant Nematode Genetics Group
Department of Plant Pathology
North Carolina State University
(919) 515-6813
david_bird at

Claude V. Maina, PhD
New England Biolabs         Phone - 978-927-5054 ext.251
32 Tozer Rd                   FAX - 978-921-1350
Beverly MA 01915-5599      e-mail - maina at

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