Addendum to Call for Neuroanatomical Data

Oliver Hobert or38 at
Wed Jun 9 12:01:26 EST 1999

The response to my call for GFP data on neuroanatomy  has already been
impressive with some important additions/clarifications that can be made.

In particular I would like to point to Appendix 2 of the White et al. paper
(page 339), where potential ambiguities are discussed. Some of these could
be resolved (?!) with GFP data:

1) PVT's and PQR's axonal endings have been defined with several GFP
reporter. We will report those in a more detailed account.

2) Does a PVW GFP exist that reveals the length of its process ?

3) The endings of ALA, CAN and PVD have not been unambiguously defined. One
of the three enters the lumbar ganglion (synapsing onto PVC). If ALA, PVD
and CAN specific GFP reporters are available, that issue might be resolved
- which would be important since it defines the synaptic partner of PVC.
Any data on this ???

4) The DVB/DVC ambiguity probably can't be resolved by GFP data, since both
axons looks the same.

Any input is highly appreciated.


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