Postdoctoral position at Kings College London

Colin Dolphin colin.dolphin at
Tue Oct 26 12:09:31 EST 1999

Postdoctoral position - King's College London

A 3-year Wellcome Trust-funded postdoctoral position is available to
investigate the neurobiological role(s) of flavin-monooxygenase (FMO)
enzymes in C. elegans. In humans, loss of function mutations in the FMO3
gene underly the inherited metabolic disorder "fish-odour syndrome" in
which affected individuals are unable to metabolise dietary-derived
trimethylamine resulting in a distinctive body malodour (Nature Genetics
17, 491-494.). However, there is also significant evidence to indicate a
physiological role(s) for these enzymes perhaps involving biogenic amine
homeostasis. Four apparent Fmo gene homologues have been identified in C.
elegans and it is the objective of the proposed project to gain insight
into the physiological role(s) of FMO by studying the functions of these
genes in C. elegans using both biochemical and reverse genetic approaches.

Candidates should have a strong background in molecular genetics, be
familiar with C. elegans research and, preferably, with ACEDB. King's
College is situated next to the South Bank art and theatre complex and
close to the West End.

If interested please send CV, a brief summary of research experience and
the names of three referees to: Colin Dolphin, Department of Pharmacy,
King's College London, Franklin-Wilkins Building, 150 Stamford Street,
London SE1 8WA. e-mail colin.dolphin at

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