5-year MRC position

Alan Lehmann A.R.Lehmann at sussex.ac.uk
Sat Sep 11 18:36:35 EST 1999

MRC Cell Mutation Unit, Sussex University

C. elegans biologist

A five year scientific staff position is available to
initiate studies on DNA damage responses in C. elegans, to
complement work in the Unit on bacteria, yeast and
mammalian cells. Relevant work within the Unit currently
focuses on human DNA repair syndromes, double strand break
repair by homologous and non-homologous end joining and
DNA-integrity checkpoint pathways. Applications are invited
from scientists interested in developing the C elegans
model to address the interactions between DNA damage
responses and other cellular processes such as apoptosis
and development. Applicants with experience in C. elegans
biology and an interest in DNA damage responses are
especially welcome. Salary, in the range of £20,000 -
£28,000. The position is supported by excellent
infrastructure, appropriate running expenses and a
dedicated support staff post. Further details are available
on request from Liz Grenfell (secretary) MRC Cell Mutation
Unit, Sussex University, Brighton BN1 9RR Tel. +44 (0)1273
678123. Fax +44 (0)1273 678121 or by contacting Dr Antony
Carr (a.m.carr at sussex.ac.uk), Dr Penny Jeggo
(p.a.jeggo at sussex.ac.uk) or Prof Alan Lehmann
(a.r.lehmann at sussex.ac.uk). Closing date for applications:
October 25, 1999.

Further details

DNA repair and cell cycle checkpoints are important
processes that are crucial for the prevention of cancer.
Many of the proteins involved in these responses to DNA
damage also have roles in the normal processes of
differentiation and development. The MRC Cell Mutation Unit
is an internationally renowned and well-equipped centre for
studies on DNA damage responses and their relation to human
health. Current work in the unit focuses on genes and
proteins involved in cell cycle checkpoints in fission
yeast (Tony Carr), genes defective in a variety of human
syndromes associated with deficiencies in DNA repair (Alan
Lehmann), and genes involved in the repair of double-strand
breaks in mammalian cells (Penny Jeggo). We aim to recruit
a scientist, preferably with expertise in C. elegans
technology, who will exploit the strengths of the elegans
system and complement the work in the Unit on yeast and
mammalian cells. The successful candidate will be expected
to develop his/her own research programme, ideally to study
the roles in development of genes of mutual interest to
other Unit members.

The post is for 5 years with a dedicated technical support
position and running expenses.

The MRC Cell Mutation Unit received an alpha+ rating at the
last quinquennial review. The Unit is located on the very
pleasant campus of the University of Sussex outside
Brighton and has strong links with the University School of
Biological Sciences (rated 5 at the last RAE) and access to
all University facilities. We are currently developing
exciting plans for a new Centre for Genome Damage
Responses, which we expect to be functioning in new
laboratories in 2001. This will house 10 to 12 scientific
groups, including those of Prof Alan Lehmann, Drs Tony Carr
and Penny Jeggo, currently in the Cell Mutation Unit, Drs
Chris Ford, Jo Murray and Felicity Watts, currently in the
School of Biological Sciences and the successful applicant
for this post.

Visit our Website on http://www.biols.susx.ac.uk/biols/MRC

Alan Lehmann
a.r.lehmann at sussex.ac.uk
MRC Cell Mutation Unit
Sussex University
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RR
Tel 1273 678120
Fax 1273 678121


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