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AMICHOT Marcel amichot at
Tue Sep 14 06:00:55 EST 1999

POSTDOC ANNOUNCEMENT. A post-doctoral position is available to study the
adaptation of Caenorhabditis elegans to chemical stresses. The aim of
the project is to identify key genes involved in the response of
organisms to chemicals and the physiological function of these genes.
First, after treatments of C elegans with different chemicals, the
expression profile of the genes will be determined with the help of DNA
chips. We will especially focus our attention on 'unexpected genes' in
the response of organisms to chemicals and on cytochromes P450. Second,
we will determine the function of the genes selected in the adaptation
to chemicals and in the nematode physiology. It is expected from this
work to enlighten response pathways to chemical classes.

The lab is equipped to rear and transform C elegans and familiar with
most of the molecular biology techniques. The successful candidate will
work in a group composed of 2 scientists and a technician. He/she should
have a Ph.D. or equivalent and be experienced with C elegans and
molecular biology. The candidates should send (mail or email) a CV and
names/addresses/phone number/email addresses for 2 references to :

Dr. Marcel Amichot

SVE-INRA, BP 2078, 123 Bd. F. Meilland, 06606 ANTIBES cedex, France

amichot at

The lab is located in Antibes (French Riviera) and is composed of 7
scientist and 5 technicians. We are interested in the adaptation of the
invertebrates to chemical stresses, in insecticide resistance and the
consequences of these phenomena's on the populations. All of the
molecular biology and biochemistry techniques or the facilities
necessary for the project are available. The POSTDOC is granted for one
year renewable and can start in October, 1999 (french people cannot apply).

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