Injection question?

Brent R. Bill brbill at
Mon Sep 27 21:26:25 EST 1999

      I was reading Nature Biotechnology and came across an article (vol.
17,  Sept 19, page 873) that described a method that I thought might be
beneficial to the injection technique.  They used lipofection in a
mammalian cell culture as the experimental model. The method increased the
amount of DNA that was getting into the nucleus by attaching hnRNP A1
fragment M9 and a 13 residue cationic peptide to their target pCMVbgal. 
The M9 fragment has a nuclear transport function through the binding of the
protein transportin. The cationic sequence was to increase the conjugation
of M9 to the pCMVbgal.  The pCMVbgal was expressed at a 60% increase from
normal lipofection.
    My question is has anyone done similiar work using C. elegans?

If there has been similiar work could you give me a reference, but if there
hasn't, do you think it would be beneficial to look into it?

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