any co-injection marker other than rol-6?

Wanyuan Ao at
Fri Apr 7 15:02:31 EST 2000

Thanks to those who responded to my previous e-mail regarding co-injection

Here is a short summary of the responses that may be interesting to others.
Basically, there are two kinds: 1) any rescuing construct into the mutant
background strain, but this can not be easily used in WT or any other
background strains (the case for me). 2) any GFP marker, but it requires a
GFP dissecting microscope and it is time-consuming to pick up the GFP
progeny, specially when not all the GFP progeny are what you want (the case
for me).  So, it seems that there is still no other good dominant marker
like rol-6 that can be used in any background strains.

More thanks to those who offer to give me mutant strains or GFP markers. I
have both of them in this lab (Dave Pilgrim lab) and actually one of the
rescuing constructs that can be used in unc-119 mutants was originally
created in this lab by Dr. Morris Maduro, who is currently a postdoc in
Joel Rothman lab.

Have a great spring!


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