cheaper microscope slides survey!

Andrew Papp apapp at
Tue Apr 11 05:33:56 EST 2000

Dear Worm People,

I never thought much about glass microscope slides until Oliver Hobert
contacted me to point out that a case of plain glass microscope slides
sells for between $400 and $500, and that his lab goes through a few
cases per year.  A case consists of 50 boxes of 72 slides per box (3600
slides).  He asked if I could get a better deal and make them available
to the Worm Community.  I believe I have, but I want to check it out
with you.

Please get in touch with me if your lab uses lots of slides.  My target
price is $289 per case.  Let me (and the Worm Community) know if you can
already get slides in that price range.  Let me know how many cases (or
what fraction of a case) your lab would likely need.  The catch (for me)
is that I literally have to buy a ton (1000 kg) of the slides to get
that price, so I have to make sure that people actually want them.  It's
not quite as bad as it sounds... glass is heavy so there is only about
70 cases in a ton.

I have 10 sample boxes (of 72 slides each) here.  Let me know if your
lab is interested, because I would like to send you a sample box for
free to make sure that you like the slides.  They are pretty nice, in
that they come with lens paper between each slide, so they don't stick
together.  I have both plain ones and ones with 1/4 frosted to write on.

Here is my reply from Oliver Hobert:
"The slides worked perfectly well. You can cite me on that. Right now,
still have two big boxes of the expensive ones left, but after that we
would definitely switch to yours.

Thanks for your interest!
Best regards,

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