Request for collaborator: potential tumor suppressor gene

Charles Watts c.watts at
Mon Apr 17 02:36:07 EST 2000

 Can I interest anyone  of you worm experts  in a collaboration  to assist
in defining the role of a putative  tumor suppressor gene? We  recently
cloned EDD (Callaghan et al Oncogene 1998, 17: 3479-3491), the human
homolog of the developmentally important Drosophila tumor suppressor gene
'hyperplastic discs' for which some biology is known (Mansfield et al Dev
Biology 1994 165: 507-526). There is  an apparent  C. elegans homolog of
'hyperplastic discs' and EDD (F36A2.13)- a partial alignment is shown in
our Oncogene paper, above. As far as I can tell, nothing has been done on
the function of this gene in the worm although it is likely to be a
ubiquitin protein ligase (HECT-domain family).
(c.watts at


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