new lab setup: microscopes, etc.

Maureen M. Barr mmbarr.psi.sop at
Thu Apr 27 17:04:19 EST 2000

I'm getting ready to purchase alot of new equipment for a new lab.  What I
would like is your experience and suggestions regarding standard C. elegans
lab mainstays...

Dissecting scopes:  Zeiss Stemi 2000 vs. Leica vs. Nikon vs. any others.
Injection set ups:  Eppendorf vs. Naroshege vs. competitors
Micropipette pullers:  Sutter P-87 vs. competitors
Plate pourers:  ????
Leica/Wild Makroscope M420:  does anything compare????

I grew up with Zeiss Axiovert, Axioplan, and Axioscop scopes and am
considering purchasing their offspring (Axiovert S100, Axioscop 2 and
Axioplan 2I).  The scopes will be used for DIC, fluorescence, ablation,
injection, etc...  If Zeiss wasn't so much more expensive than the others
(such as Nikon), it would be a done deal.   Now I'm considering and
comparing comparable scopes.  Does anyone have any words of wisdom?

I'll save the questions on digital cameras for another time.

I will gladly compile all responses into a spread sheet for future reference.

Maureen Barr

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