whole mount in situ protocol available

Edward Kipreos ekipreos at cb.uga.edu
Thu Jun 15 00:07:58 EST 2000

Our lab has developed a protocol for whole mount in situ staining of larvae
and adults using RNA probes to stain larvae, adults, or eggs attached to
slides. Pictures generated with the protocol can be found in Nature Cell
Biology vol 1, p.486-492. The protocol can be obtained by email from me
(ekipreos at cb.uga.edu). I am also in the process of requesting that the
protocol be placed on the Ambros lab's Comprehensive Protocol Collection
web site (http://www.dartmouth.edu/artsci/bio/ambros/protocols.html), so it
may be there shortly.

Edward T. Kipreos
Department of Cellular Biology
The University of Georgia
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