SNP's on Xsome I

J. Mcelwee jmcelwee at
Mon Aug 27 18:43:32 EST 2001

   Hello.  I'm currently mapping a gene on the right arm of xsome I and
have run out of SNP's in the region.  i was wondering if anyone might have
new SNP's (verified or unverified) that you've identified in this region.
I've mapped my gene to between a snip-SNP on W08e3 and unc-59 (on w09c5).
Any SNP's to the right of W08e3 and to the left of Y48g10A would be
helpful.  Thanks very much for any info.

Joshua McElwee

University of Washington
Department of Genetics
J205 Health Sciences Building
Box 357360
Seattle, Washington
(206) 543-3117
jmcelwee at


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