Ph.D., Postdoc, and technician positions available

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Thu Jan 25 18:53:33 EST 2001

Ph.D., Postdoc, and technician positions are available starting
March 2001, in my new laboratory. Additional postdoctoral applications
will also be considered, if external grants are applied for.

Nature add:


The Karolinska Institutet and the S=F6dert=F6rns h=F6gskola (University
College) has a strong collaboration in a New Biology Program focused on
functional genomics, using a unique assortment of eucarotic model
organisms including yeast, nematode, fruit fly, zebra fish, mouse, and
the plant model Arabidopsis.
Applications are invited for the following positions in the research
group of Dr Thomas B=FCrglin working with the Caenorhabditis elegans model

1 Postdoctoral position   1 Postdoctoral position
(Ref no 53021/46)                   (Ref no/Reg no 647/310/00)          
1 Postdoctoral fellow   1 PhD Student
(Ref no 53021/47)                   (Ref no/Reg no 646/310/00)         
1 PhD Student
(Ref no 53021/48)

1 Technician
(Dnr 53021/49)

Closing date for all positions are February 9, 2001 (or until positions
are filled).

You will find further information about KI positions on
(Click on "About Karolinska Institutet", "Job opportunities")

Karolinska Institutet
Department of Biosciences at Novum
Phone: +46-8 608 91 00

You will find further information about SH positions on  (Click on "Lediga Jobb)

S=F6dert=F6rns h=F6gskola (University College)
Box 4101
Phone: +46-8 585 880 00


Here is the excerpt from the KI Web site:

Department of Biosciences at Novum

Applications are invited for the following positions in the research
group of Dr Thomas B=FCrglin working with the Caenorhabditis elegans model
system. The laboratory is located in a new building (BiPontus) in the
south of Stockholm, in the Novum Research Park.

1 Postdoctoral position/Forskarassistent
(Ref no 53021/46)

1 Postdoctoral fellow /Postdokstipendium
(Ref no 53021/47)

1 PhD Student/Doktorand
(Ref no 53021/48)

1 Technician/Laboratorieassistent
(Ref no 53021/49)

Duration: Permanent employment starting with a 6 months trial period.

The earliest day of which duties can begin: March 1, 2001.

Working hours: Full time (40h/week).

Wage structure: KI is using an individual wage structure. Please give
your salary request in your application.

Trade-union representative: TCO-ST Helmi Siltala, phone +46-8 585 887
09, e-mail: Helmi.Siltala at

Administrative questions: Administrative Chief Ingwar Lennerfors, phone
+46-8 608 92 23,


Research areas include the functional analysis of transcription factors
such as homeobox genes involved in head and nervous system development
(see Cassata et al. (2000), Neuron, 25, 587-597). A future goal will be
the identification of upstream regulators and downstream targets using a
variety of approaches. In addition, we are interested in novel secreted
molecules related to hedgehog (see Asp=F6ck et al. (1999) Genome Res., 9,
Successful applicants at the postdoctoral level are expected to have
experience in standard molecular techniques, e.g., cloning, antigen
production, sequencing, and blotting. Experience with genetics and/or
with C. elegans is not a prerequisite, although advantageous. Applicants
for the Ph.D. and technician position should have a standard basic
training in molecular techniques and are expected to learn a range of
C. elegans methods, which include: generation of transgenic animals
using GFP reporter constructs, expression pattern analysis, generation
of mutant phenotypes using RNAi and/or PCR-based approaches to generate
gene deletions, analysis of mutant phenotypes by morphology,
immunohistochemistry and  GFP-reporter contructs, and behavioral assays.
Genetic screens, DNA chip technology, and yeast two-hybrid systems will
be employed for the identification of target genes. The technician is
expected to maintain worm stocks and perform other general lab tasks
(e.g., ordering). For all positions fluency in English is required.

=46or further information contact Dr Thomas B=FCrglin, e-mail:
Thomas.Buerglin @

Applications should be sent to Karolinska Institutet, Department of
Biosciences at Novum, SE 141 57  HUDDINGE, SWEDEN together with CV,
areas of expertise, list of publications and/or details of the degrees
(depending on type of position) and references.  Please quote the ref no
for each position and note that one signed hard copy of the application
should go to the address above and one application with CV should be
sent by e-mail to Dr Thomas B=FCrglin directly.

Closing date: 2001-02-9, or until positions are filled.


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