Workshop on "High-throughput reverse genetics using RNAi"

Fabio Piano fp13 at
Mon Jun 4 15:10:19 EST 2001

Dear Worm Breeder,

We are organizing a Workshop on "High-throughput reverse genetics
using RNAi"  at the upcoming International Worm Meeting.  We are
planning to ask the organizers to have the Workshop right after the
RNAi session (Parallel session 1A).

The idea of the workshop is to discuss three broad and overlapping topics:

  1.  Methodologies (feeding, soaking, injections, others?).

  2.  Reagents that are available or will become available (eg.
  Germline set,  chromosome sets, ORFeome sets, cDNA sets, etc....).

  3.  Data archiving and distribution (Wormbase and other public
  databases; connection to other functional genomic data).

We are requesting that anyone who wishes to present contact us with a
title so that we can put a small program together and have it posted
on the Meeting Web site.  As much as possible, we would like this
Workshop to be a "user's meeting" where we will discuss the prospects
of using this technology in large screens and distributing the
reagents and the data.

A number of labs have already requested time to present.  If you are
interested in participating (or know someone who might be), please
respond by email by June 15, and indicate whether you would like to
give a short talk (5-7 min).

Thank you.
Geraldine Seydoux and Fabio Piano
gseydoux at , fp13 at
Fabio Piano

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Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Cornell University
Ithaca NY 14853

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