Alexander Kozik akozik at
Tue Jun 12 11:42:15 EST 2001

We just finished to work on development of genome visualization
program and we are pleased to announce GenomePixelizer.

We hope the program is useful to study duplication events in
whole genome(s) and comparative genetics.

Using current version of GenomePixelizer you may display the
whole Arabidopsis genome with 26,000 genes on it.
Dataset for C.elegans is under development.

One of many examples of usage of GenomePixelizer you may find on:

(Relationship between cytochrome P450 members between two genomes,
A.thaliana and C.elegans)

Program is written in Tcl/Tk and should work on any computer platform
(Unix/Linux, Windows, Mac) supporting Tcl/Tk toolkit.

Program is published under GNU license and freely available at:

Feedback and comments are very welcome.

Alexander Kozik ( akozik at )
Elena Kochetkova ( elenakochetkova at )

Alexander Kozik
Department of Vegetable Crops
Asmundson Hall
University California at Davis
tel: (530) 752-1742
email: akozik at


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