Update on teaching workshops/teaching posters at the 2001

Jim Lissemore jlissemore at jcu.edu
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Update on teaching workshops/teaching posters at the 2001 International
C. elegans Meeting

This update includes the panelists for the teaching workshops, the room
where the workshops will be held, and two additional teaching posters
that were omitted from the previous list. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TIMES
ORIGINAL MEETING SCHEDULE.  Please direct any questions to Jim Lissemore
(jlissemore at jcu.edu)

Teaching Workshop I (Sat. June 23, noon-1 PM, Bradley 218)
"What is life like at a predominantly undergraduate (i.e. teaching)
institution and how can I get a job at one?"

This workshop should be of interest to graduate students and postdocs
who are considering a career at a predominantly undergraduate
institution (PUI).  The challenges facing faculty members at PUIs are
substantially different from those typically encountered at a research
university and the job search process is also quite different.  This
panel will discuss issues such as teaching loads, research expectations
and opportunities, how to find PUI job openings, and hiring criteria at

Taylor Allen, Oberlin College
Jennifer Miskowski, University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse
Caroline Goutte, Amherst College
Leilani Miller, Santa Clara University

Teaching Workshop II (Sun. June 24, noon-1 PM, Bradley 218)
"Maintaining a research program at a predominantly undergraduate

This workshop should be of interest to faculty members at PUIs and those
considering a career at a PUI.  Faculty at most PUIs are
encouraged/expected to provide research experiences for undergraduates
and many PUIs require publications for tenure and promotion. The
panelists will discuss issues such as conducting research with
undergraduates, mistakes to avoid, external and internal funding
sources, and grant administration.

Bruce Wightman, Muhlenberg College
Diane Shakes, College of William and Mary
Mary Montgomery, Macalester College
Beth DeStasio, Lawrence University

Teaching Poster Session (Sat. June 23, 4-5 PM)

Thirteen teaching posters (numbers 592-602, 839, 857) that describe the
use of C. elegans in teaching will be up for the entire meeting. Authors
have been asked to be at their posters from 4-5 PM on Sat. June 23.  The
teaching posters are listed below:

592. Using C. elegans in the undergraduate laboratory classroom: Project
Lab and Genetics
Leilani M. Miller

593. A simple lab using single worm PCR and dpy-5
Lynn Boyd

594. An Upper-level Undergraduate Project-Based "Laboratory in Genetics"
Course using C. elegans
E. Jane Albert Hubbard

595. Using C elegans to teach genetics: SNP mapping in three weeks!
Anne Hart

596. Collaborative Research with Undergraduate Students: An Assembly
Line Model
Mary K. Montgomery

597. Surfing the Genome: Using the C. elegans Genomic Sequence to Teach
Molecular Genetics
Bruce Wightman

598. There's a hump in your back!! RNA interference in the classroom
Casonya M. Johnson

599. Using PCR in an undergraduate lab course to detect deletions in the
unc-93 gene
James L. Lissemore, Laura L. Lackner, George D. Fedoriw

600. Caenorhabditis elegans in the Undergraduate Physiology Curriculum
James Priest, Jerrold Sulcove, Taylor Allen

601. A discovery oriented laboratory: from gene to mutant in the
Heather Thieringer, Thomas Acton, Isaac Edery, Monica Driscoll, Martin
Nemeroff, Rick Padgett, Garth Patterson, Andrew Singson, Chris Rongo,
Andrew Vershon

602. Vesicle Transport and Fusion: An Organismal and Cell Biological
Study for an Undergraduate Laboratory Exercise
Megan Guziewicz, Toni Vitullo, Bethany Simmons, Rebecca Eustance Kohn

839. The Low-Cost Worm Lab
Andrew Papp, Dan Houchin, William Rhoades

857. Longevity and gerontogenes in model organisms
Shin Murakami
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