injection pads

A. Craig Mackinnon mackinno at
Mon May 21 16:28:30 EST 2001

Dear Worm Breeders,

I have been faced with a problem regarding injection pads.  I have been
unable to make pads that are sticky.  As a consequence, the worms soon begin
to move about, and this makes the injections difficult.  I have experimented
with different brands and concentrations of agar, but nothing makes a
significant difference.  I follow the injection protocols described in the
"red c. elegans methods" book.  Other than this problem with non-stick pads,
the injections go fairly well- the needles are sharp with a nice flow rate,
and the worms typically survive and generate rollers efficiently.  If anyone
has any comments or advice, I would greatly appreciate hearing it.

Thank you,

Craig Mackinnon


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