New lab...need microscopes!

Aurelio, Oscar oaurelio at
Thu Aug 29 20:36:35 EST 2002

I'm starting up a lab and want some opinions on:

1)a stereomicroscope w/transmitted light in the BASE (I was thinking 
the Nikon SMZ-645 stereo microscope)

2)a fluorescence stereomicroscope (GFP for now, RFP filter perhaps later)

3)a fluorescence upright (hi-magification) microscope (GFP for now, 
RFP filter perhaps later)

Price is DEFINITELY a consideration, but I want at least moderately 
good optics and something that will last.

I was hoping for under $3K for #1, under $25K for #2 and under 30K, 
under $35K for #3.

Thanks in advance,

Oscar Aurelio, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
CSU Fullerton
Dept. of Biological Sciences-MH282
800 N. State College Blvd.
Fullerton, CA 92834-6850

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