WBG Abstract Submission Deadline Is November 1

Theresa Stiernagle stier at biosci.cbs.umn.edu
Mon Oct 7 13:12:42 EST 2002

This is sent to remind you that abstracts for the November issue of 
the Worm Breeder's Gazette will be due Nov. 1.  Please submit your 
abstracts using Leon Avery's web site:  http://elegans.swmed.edu/

Also, remember to check your listing in the C. elegans Researcher 
Directory and update your information if necessary. 

Thank you.

Theresa Stiernagle
University of Minnesota
Dept of GCD
6-160 Jackson Hall
321 Church Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN  55455

(For Fedex Deliveries:
Theresa Stiernagle
Dept of GCD
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Phone: 612-625-2265
FAX: 612-625-4648


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