gene gun

Hoepfner hoepfner at
Mon Oct 13 09:37:35 EST 2003

With interest I read through the comments on your webpage about 
Microparticle Bombardment Techniques. I wonder
if there is a real discussion forum out there somewhere about this 
mettier? If you would like you could post the following
for me:

Hi everyone. I have used the gene gun PDS-1000 with a variety of 
constructs. My finding was that small cytosolic
proteins work fine. With larger constructs I frequently see that the 
worms I am bombarding are rescued but there does not seem to be any 
expression of the GFP-fusion protein. This
is especially frequent with larger constructs (>10kb). Since the 
unc-119 recue gene is on the same plasmid as the
gene::GFP sequence, I wonder what happened? All plasmids have been 
sequenced and should (to the best of my
knowledge) express the candidate gene. It would be nice to gather some 
statistics about what constructs work fine and
what did not.
Sebastian Hoepfner


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