lin-15(n765) question

Keith Bradnam krb at
Tue Dec 21 11:25:38 EST 2004


WormBase (following instruction from the CGC) recently split the lin-15
gene entry to more accurately reflect the two distinct proteins encoded 
this locus (lin-15A - ZK678.1 and lin-15B - ZK662.4).  We've been trying
to ascertain which alleles (previously connected to lin-15) should 
only be connected to lin-15A or lin-15B.

The remaining problem alleles are: n765, n309, n374, n433, n749, n767,
and n744.

Does anyone know whether any of these are lin-15A or lin-15B alleles?
Additionally if anyone has any molecular details for these alleles, they
would be appreciated.



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