Looking for a C. elegans-related book

Grant Lab G4 Tower sato at biology.rutgers.edu
Tue Feb 17 11:33:55 EST 2004

Dear All:
   Just want to check if anyone can tell me where I can get this book: 
Methods in Cell Biology Volume 48, Caenorhabditis  elegans, Modern 
Biological Analysis of an Organism, Edited by Henry F. Epstein and 
Diane C. Shakes, published by Academic Press Inc in 1995.  I tried to 
order it from the original publisher but I cannot get it (out of 
print).  So I appreciate if anyone can tell me where I can find either 
the original 95 or newer edition or even in PDF file.  Thanks.

Carlos Chen

Dr.Barth Grant's lab at Rutgers University

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