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J. Mcelwee jmcelwee at
Tue Jul 13 08:24:13 EST 2004

    Hello everyone.  I am interested in putting together a database of C.
elegans transcription factor binding sites for a potential study we'd 
to do, and to make available to the C. elegans community.  Any 
which you all would care to share would be quite helpful, and would make
the whole process much easier.
    We're primarily interested in getting PSSM matrices or actual DNA
sequences bound by various TF's, as well as any supporting
information/references.  If you'd be willing to share information with 
we'd like:
1.  A binding matrix, either PSSM, or a list of DNA sequences bound by 
2.  How the sequences were identified (in vitro or in vivo, EMSA,
footprinting, etc).
3.  Any known target genes of the TF (verified through direct binding
4.  Any comments, notes, or references concerning the PSSM.
5.  Whether you would like the information made available to the rest of
the community.  If you would prefer we not make the information public 
will consider it a personal communication.

   Thanks for any help, and feel free to contact me with questions.

Joshua McElwee


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