Redundant copies of Worm Breeder's Gazette for free

Anthony J. Otsuka ajotsuka at
Mon Jul 26 02:55:23 EST 2004

I have redundant copies of the WBG which I used to keep at home (with
another set in the lab).  If anyone would like these historical 
you can have them for the cost of shipping (probably about $15-20).  I 
volumes 5 (1980) to 14 (1995).  The pictures and tables are probably 
than on the on-line website.

I wanted to thank Mark Blaxter for suggesting that I donate my old 
to overseas libraries.  A quick Google search yielded several 
I decided to give the journals to "Bridge to Asia" which sends books to
libraries and universities in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.  In 
they have a drop-off site conveniently located in Chicago.  I don't 
they would want the WBG, precious as it is.

Anthony Otsuka


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