Postdoctoral position, University College Cork, Ireland.

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Mon Sep 20 01:03:59 EST 2004

Post Doctoral Fellow (C. elegans Molecular Genetics, University College
We are seeking an enthusiastic & highly motivated Postdoctoral Fellow to
join our research team working on epigenetics of reproduction using 
organism systems. Our lab employs a combination of molecular biology,
functional genomics, evolutionary bioinformatics and genetics to study 
and applied aspects of organismal reproduction.
The three-year biomedical research position is on genetic & molecular
analysis of polynucleotide expansion defects using C.elegans as a model
organism. The research project is funded by the Irish Health Research 
(HRB) and involves collaboration with the groups of Prof. Ruth
Chiquet-Ehrismann (Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research,
Basel) and Prof. Des Higgins (Conway Institute of Biomedical Research,
Dublin). The starting gross salary for the Postdoctoral Fellow will be 
the region of 30,000 euros per annum.
We are seeking applicants with high levels of expertise in C.elegans
molecular biology, developmental &/or evolutionary genetics. Applicants
should send an e-mail outlining your research interest and motivations,
including; (a) your C.V. (please list publications and experimental 
& (b) contact details and e-mail addresses for 3 referees to:
Dr. Charles Spillane, Biochemistry Dept, Biosciences Institute, 
College Cork, Cork, Ireland. E-mail: c.spillane at
The closing date for applications is: 17th October 2004
UCC is an equal opportunities employer


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