[Celegans] using Ambion cDNA synthesis kits on whole worm lysates?

kculliso at mail.med.upenn.edu kculliso at mail.med.upenn.edu
Thu Jul 21 14:30:41 EST 2005

my dear friends,
has anyone used either the "Cells to cDNA" (Cat. #1722) or the "Cells-to-Signal" 
kit (Cat.#1724) (made by Ambion) on whole worm lysates. I'm looking for a more 
efficient way to prepare cDNA (for semi-quantitative PCR) from various 
developmental stages of C. elegans worm populations. I would greatly appreciate 
any feedback...

-Kevin C.
University of Pennsylvania
School of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA 19104
kculliso at mail.med.upenn.edu

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