[Celegans] Contribute to a C. elegans plasmid resource

celegans at iubio.bio.indiana.edu celegans at iubio.bio.indiana.edu
Mon Jun 6 18:26:42 EST 2005

Addgene, with the support of WormBase, is running an initiative to
archive and distribute C. elegans plasmids.  If you have C. elegans
plasmids that you distribute to the rest of the community, please
consider contributing them to Addgene's repository.

Addgene is a new not-for-profit plasmid repository dedicated to
promoting scientific sharing by distributing published plasmids.
Addgene provides an on-line interface for requesting plasmids, ships
samples world-wide, handles MTAs, and links your plasmids to related
plasmids and articles from other laboratories. Addgene is currently
distributing Dr. Andrew Fire's C. elegans vector kit.

For more information, visit  www.addgene.org/celegans

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