[Celegans] Phage contamination of HT-115 RNAi bacteria?

Laura Mitic lmit7870 at itsa.ucsf.edu
Thu Sep 29 15:48:19 EST 2005


We have recently experienced an outbreak of phage in lawns of HT-115 
RNAi-expressing bacteria seeded on NG-carb plates.  The phage 
contamination is at very low levels (1-2 plaques per lawn, on about 1 
lawn out of 5, affecting only about 5 of 20 lab personnel) and seems 
to be specific to HT-115 bacteria since OP50 is not affected.  The 
plaques are clean-edged and uniform in shape. Thus far we have been 
completely unable to trace the source.  I'm wondering if anyone else 
has experienced phage contamination, where it came from, what you've 
done to prevent it from reoccurring?

Thanks in advance,

Laura Mitic
Kenyon Lab, UCSF
lmit7870 at itsa.ucsf.edu

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