[Celegans] Assistant Professor and Post-doc positions, Ewbank lab, France

Jonathan Ewbank ewbank at ciml.univ-mrs.fr
Thu Feb 16 10:06:04 EST 2006

The Ewbank lab at the Marseille-Luminy Immunology Centre (CIML) uses 
C. elegans as a model for studying host-pathogen interactions. 
Subjects include bacterial virulence, behavioral responses to 
pathogens and signalling pathways involved in the innate immune 
response to infection. The laboratory benefits from interactions with 
other groups at the CIML, one of Europe's leading immunology 
institutes, as well as from the use of a dedicated functional 
genomics platform (full-genome microarrays, worm sorter, robotics...).

Further details of the lab's research interests can be found at:


An Assistant Professor post (MCF) is now available. This post is 
described more fully at 
http://www.ciml.univ-mrs.fr/EWBANK_jonathan/creationMCF.htm. Only 
candidates that applied for the French national qualification at 
section 65 before the 19th October 2005 will be eligible to apply.

In addition, the lab has funding for two post-doc positions. The 
first is for up to three years and will involve identifying genes 
required for the control of antimicrobial peptide gene expression.

The second, a two-year joint project with the lab of Eric Vivier at 
the CIML involves establishing an in vivo screening system for the 
identification of ligands for orphan vertebrate immune receptors.

Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience 
according to institutional guidelines.

For both projects, experience with C. elegans and molecular biology 
would be an advantage.

Please address enquiries or applications (including a CV with the 
addresses of three referees) to Jonathan Ewbank 
<ewbank at ciml.univ-mrs.fr>

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