[Celegans] One year lecturer position available

Glenn E. White gwhite at wingate.edu
Mon May 1 11:08:06 EST 2006



The newly formed Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at
Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia (1 hour west of Richmond) is
searching for a full time lecturer for a one year appointment.  The position
involves teaching introductory level biology courses to majors and/or
non-majors.  The position announcement can be found at www.higheredjobs.com
<http://www.higheredjobs.com/>  or by following this link:




If you are considering a career at a predominately undergraduate
institution, these lecturer appointments are an excellent way to gain
significant teaching experience.  


Questions can be directed to either Dr. Alix Fink (contact info in ad) or to







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