[Celegans] C. briggsae Egl strain?

Morris Maduro mmaduro at ucr.edu
Wed May 17 14:33:16 EST 2006

Dear Worm Community,


We are looking at pregastrulation C. briggsae embryos. It is convenient to
collect such embryos by collecting gravid hermaphrodites, but our strains
all lay their eggs early for some reason. Does anyone have a C. briggsae
partial Egl mutant, for example, in which embryos are kept in the uterus for
longer (similar to C. elegans)? I am looking specifically for a strain that
can still mate well with males and is otherwise isogenic with AF16.


Please reply directly to my email address mmaduro at citrus.ucr.edu.




Morris F. Maduro

Assistant Professor of Biology

3380 Spieth Hall, Biology Dept

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