[Celegans] Re: About neuromutant worms' behaviour? (layman's question)

Boris Leykin via celegans%40net.bio.net (by borisleykin from rambler.ru)
Mon Oct 16 08:19:58 EST 2006

I want to thank all of you who found a time and replied. :)

You all said that the main way to add more neurons is by blocking
programmed cell death.
After reading an article in russian popular science journal
(here is a picture from this article where someone combined neuron from
snail with silicon microchip
I've got one more thought about this problem:
maybe another way to add extra neurons is to transplant neuron from
another worm?

You may not reply to this, this is of cause just a layman's thought and
problem is very hard as I understood. :)

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