[Celegans] microinjection pads

Dr. Kerstin Isermann via celegans%40net.bio.net (by kisermann from zoologie.uni-kiel.de)
Thu Mar 15 09:11:48 EST 2007

Hi Everybody!

I hope someone can help us! Our worms won´t stick on the agarose pads!!!

We tried three different types of agarose, each in 0,5% - 1% - 1,5% - 
2%, we just put a drop on the slides and let it dry and  we put a drop 
and placed a second cover slip on it, we baked the pads for 1h - 2h - 
6h and overnight at 65°C or 80°C - and didn´t bake at all.... NOTHING 
HELPED - the worms just don´t stick. We let the worms "deslime" for 
half an hour up to three hours... NOTHING HELPED - they just don´t 
stick.... We tried three types of oil (halocarbon, heavy white, just 
normal mineral oil) IT DIDN´T HELP - the worms don´t stick...

Please - has anyone any idea what might be the problem??????

I´m desperatety hoping for a good tip!

Thank you!!

Dr. Kerstin Isermann
Zoologisches Institut der CAU Kiel
Abt. Zoophysiologie
Ohlshausenstr. 40
24098 Kiel

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