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> Subject: [Celegans] Microinjection frustration
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> I am desparately in need of some help with c. elegans
> microinjection.  ... from what I
> can tell, my problem is the recovery of the worms.  I
> use M9 buffer for recovery and they initially seem to
> recover really well, thrashing about in the M9, but once the
> M9 is absorbed into the plate and the worm adheres to the
> bacterial lawn, the head is still moving around a lot, but
> the back end of the worm seems almost paralysed and after a
> day or so the worm dies.  

Jane, I forwarded your message to our local microinjection expert (Jacob Varkey) and he suggested a different buffer than M9:

"Even though it is not necessary, in some cases, I have asked students to use a recovery buffer. There are different formulations of it. One is given below.

3mM HEPES (pH7.2), 3 mM CaCl2, 66mM NaCl, 2.4mM KCl, 4% glucose, 0.1% salmon sperm DNA.

Some people simply add 4% glucose to M9.

In either case, incubating the worms at 16 C for couple of hrs in recovery buffer (in a moist chamber) before transferring to a seeded plate is recommended."


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