Good Primers for ACTIN???

kazmandu tjrad at
Mon Aug 9 15:57:00 EST 1993

In <1993Aug9.145455.16622 at> pc386 at (BENNY SHOMER 9238) writes:

>Hello Everyone.

>We intend on doing some RT-PCR assays to screen for the presence of some
>specific gene transcripts. Therefore, we need to have primers for Actin as
>standards for mRNA.

>Our question is: Does anyone have a __GOOD_&_Well_Tested___ set of PCR primers
>for Actin, and is willing to submitt the sequences. This will save us some
>real efforts and possibly (If some primer doesn't perform well) some heavy

>Thanks in advance.
>Have a nice working week, and may Friday come soon ;-)

If you could post these, i'd be interested also!

Thanks, Tom

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