Help Regarding Spectral Subtraction in ESR studies

N B Venkateswarlu venkat at
Mon Dec 6 04:44:51 EST 1993

Dear Netters,
              I am trying to use spectral subtraction (well establised)
described in Jost et al. [197x] to get the derivative spectra in ESR analysis.
S/W was developed by one my predecessors. I am facing serious troubles with
this since last 2 months. That S/W is working for the sample data sets provided
by that predecessor but not with any other one. I repeated experiments number
of times. But no use. I request you to help me in the following way:

1. I know that WINEPR package is available somewhere and works under windows.
   Ofcourse it is expensive (it seems). So, please let me know any similar or
   the same package availability on main frame systems such Silicon Graphics
    or Sun's etc. such that I can rlogin and that S/W if it is not possible to
    copy. So, I request you to help by conveying the information regarding this.

2. I am following the method of Jost et al[ 1972, Computers in Biology and
   Medicine]. In which both Two component and single component spetras will
   be normalised to have same double integral area before subtraction. Then
   substracted signal will be scaled to have peak-valey height of some other
   reference spectrum. Is this procedure is correct. Do you know any other
   procedure to carry out the same. 

   I would be very grateful for your reply. I am hanging on this problem since
last August.

     Thank You



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