Schizophrenia and neurology

Scott Jensen sjensen at
Tue Nov 16 15:04:00 EST 1993

	I am currently doing research on schizophrenia and the alterations of
physiology, anatomy, and pharmacology of the brain.  My psychology teacher
stated that there were studies that showed that there was histological changes
in the brain; however, he did not know if this was neuronal or glial in
nature).  I would be very greatful for any (detailed) information
concerning these anatomical changes.  Moreover, if there is anyone who has
(detailed) information on opioid changes in the brain, namely those concerning
evidence of opioid agonism or antagonism for positive psychotogenic effects and
areas opioid-secreting areas of the brain implicated in schizophrenia, I would
be extremely greatful for any help.
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