Storage of stock solutions for SDS-PAGE

Stephen Matheson sfm at
Tue Nov 23 13:21:07 EST 1993

As per the recommendations of some cookbooks I've read, I'd like to
make stock solutions of reagents I use in casting polyacrylamide gels,
and use them over fairly long periods of time, in order to expedite
the process as well as to increase reproducibility.  I've made up
the Tris buffers and the acrylamide solutions and frozen them,
and this seems to work fine except that I'd now like to be able to
filter everything and store it clean.  While this could still be
achieved by aliquoting the filtered solutions into "clean"
tubes, I'd prefer to just store the filtered solutions in bulk.

So, I'm curious how others achieve long-term (i.e., 4-6 months)
storage of SDS-PAGE solutions.  Presumably 30% acrylamide can be
stored in the fridge without anything growing (or is this wrong?),
but what about Tris buffers?  Anyone use azide or thimerosal?
Filter sterilization?

Thanks in advance.

Steve Matheson   Program in Neuroscience   University of Arizona
sfm at

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