Controlling % oxygen in medium

Jim Cummins cummins at
Tue Nov 23 20:12:34 EST 1993

There's been a fair amount of work on O2 levels in mammalian embryo
culture, as the pO2 in the uterus/oviduct is much lower than
atmospheric, and there's some evidence that high pO2 is toxic.  You can
either use pre-mixed gases (5%CO2:5%O2: 90%N2 is a common example in
IVF)   or get your incubator to mix them.  It should be fairly easy to
control gas mix using flowmeters and a closed culture container
(Tupperware boxes work fine).  Get back to me directly by email if you
want refs on O2 and embryo culture.  For an interesting essay on oxygen
and life check out:

Max B.  (1992) This and that: hair pigments, the hypoxic basis of life
and the Virgilian journey of the spermatozoon.  Trends in
Pharmaceutical Sciences 13(7): 272-276

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