Are introns just junk?

Wed Oct 27 08:47:40 EST 1993

>An interesting idea that I heard somewhere, although I unfortunately can't
>remember where, was that introns contain an error-checking mechanism which
>allows verification of the exon sequences flanking it. The idea came from
>a cryptologist/mathematician who tried "cracking the code" of introns and
>found a relationship between exon and intron sequences that allowed him to
>predict c.70% of the intron sequence from that of the exon. He speculated

>I apologise for not being able to recall the names of the originators of this
>theory - perhaps someone can enlighten me?
>Chris Pook

             If you can find a reference on the "cryptologist/mathematician"
             I would be interested to see it. As far as I am aware the first
             reference on this idea is D.R.Forsdyke (1981) J. Theoret. Biol.
             93, 861-866 "Are introns in-series error detecting sequences?".

                       Sincerely,  D.R.Forsdyke

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