Are introns just junk?

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>>Just to bring it up again, has anyone really studied the difference between
>>intergenic and intronic DNA.  I know of one paper by Konopka that looked at
>>the local complexity and periodicities of 5'- and 3'- regions of genes but
>>that is all I can think of...

>The only thing I know of that HAS to be intronic are splicing signals.  Let's
>see ... tailing signals have to be intergenic.  Are there any others?

Owen White (who is probably lurking somewhere) has done a lot of
looking at the statistical properties of various regions of DNA.
Fickett's group at Los Alamos has also, but again I think it is
mostly unpublished.  I believe the gist of it is that introns don't
look like exons, 3' untranslated regions don't look like exons, and
genic regions of human DNA don't look like intergenic regions.  Hopefully
some of this will be out in press soon.

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