primers on the pathways of cellular metabolism

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>I am a struggling under-grad who has found himself placed in a 
>micro class which has expections that the student has studied
>the metabolism of glucose. Unfortunately, we never reached it
>in pre-requisites :) SO... it looks like some self study is required.
>Can anybody recommend a concise over-view of the process? I'm
>apprehensive because I've heard glycolysis described as 
>"the bane of the cellular biologist". :|

(My friend Dave, a med student, sez:)

It depends how in-depth you need to get.  THE source is Stryer's
"Biochenistry" text book, which should be readily available at your
college bio. library.  If that's too involved, you might look at a basic
biology text.  I reccomend Hopson & Wessels's "Essentials of Biology."  It
should also be easy to come by.  Almost any cell bio. text will also
devote at least a chapter to cellular metabolism.  Try Alberts et al.
"Molecular Biology of the Cell" or Baltimore's "Molecular Cell Biology."

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