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William R. Morgan wmorgan at ACS.WOOSTER.EDU
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wiens at cobra.uni.edu writes:

>About a year ago I saw a description of a way to teach developmental biology
>labs using image analysis software that could put embryo section slide
>images in time time sequence.  Now I have lost track of the information.  I
>only remember that it was a professor in Texas, probably Austin or San Antonio
>who created (or assembled this new use for) and perhaps sells this software. 
>Can anyone out there in newsland help me find the information?

I'm not sure if this is what you want but there is an videodisc available
designed for instruction in Developmental Biology.  The "Embryology
Videodisc" was developed by Mike Kolitsky who is now at UTEP.  (He's giving
a presentation here at Wooster in October as part of a faculty workshop on
computer graphics in education.)  If you'd like to know more about the
videodisc you can contact Mike Kolitsky at IM22%UTEP at UTEPVM.EP.UTEXAS.EDU. 
I took the following partial description of what he has from previous
correspondence with him.

>The Embryology Videodisc is priced at $420.00 and the HyperEmbryo courseware
>is $80.00. I've sold 15 videodisc packages thus far. I don't mind if you want
>to receive a package, review it for a month and if you wish to purchase it,
>just submit the enclosed invoice to your business office. If you don't wish to
>purchase it, simply return the videodisc and courseware at the end of 30 days.
>I also have produced 5 Quicktime clip movies on such subjects as raising of
>the fertilization cone and membrane in sea urchin development, starfish
>gastrulation and a comparison of cleavage types at the 8 cell stage. One of
>the Quicktime micromovies (a Quicktime movie that fits on a 1.44 MB diskette)
>is 33 seconds long and depicts a 3-D sperm which fertilizes an egg with
>raising of the fertilization cone and membrane. This particular micromovie was
>a second runner-up award winner at the First Quicktime Conference and Film
>Festival held in San Francisco in May, 1992. These Quicktime clip movies are
>for purchase at $25.00 each and are sent with a small HyperCard stack
>containing buttons which can be copied and pasted into any other stack. 

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