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: Keywords: MAP2b, mRNA, mRNA targeting, 3' UTR

: I am interested in the process of targeting mRNAs to distinct subcellular
: locations in neurons. One such transcript differentially localized in neurons is
: the mRNA encoding the high molecular weight form of the microtubule associated
: protein, MAP2b. Does anyone have any recent information on this subject? Studies
: in other systems have shown that sequence elements in the 3' UTR of localized
: mRNAs are necessary for correct localization. Has a sequence element been
: identified for MAP2b mRNA that is necessary for correct targeting? Also, the
: complete coding sequence for MAP2b has been cloned, but only a small segment of
: untranslated mRNA sequence is known. Has any further MAP2b untranslated sequence
: been isolated?  Any response will be appreciated. Thanks.

: Derek

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One of the current experts on this topic is Oswald Steward -- you may want to
check some of his refs (the most recent I've seen is J. Neurosci. 14:1130).
He's using some very inventive techniques to try to clone messages which
may be differentially localized.  He gave a really fascinating talk at last
fall's Society for Neuroscience meeting in which he discussed MAP2 (citing
Andrew Matus' seminal work), a glutamate receptor subunit, and a non-coding
RNA (analogous to SNrP components?).  If I remember right, I think he implied
that this non-coding RNA may bind to sequences in the 3' UTR of targeted
messages to pull them into the right compartments.  Of course, this would
likely require some hypothetical protein bound to the non-coding RNA, but it's
all still pretty theoretical, I think.

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