Intracellular nRNA targeting.

Mon Apr 4 16:22:59 EST 1994

THanks to all who responded to my posting - it seems that I may have started a
useful conversation.  TO continue:  Has anyone speculated on the mechanism of
this targeting?  It seems that swapping experiments indicate that the signal is
 located in the 3' UTR of the message.   Has anyone carried out structure
prediction on these regions to see if they could form interesting structures?
Because some mentioned Drosophila: has anyone tried doing experiments in vivo
to establish that the observedmRNA targeting is required for proper development
?  If it is, has anyone considered screening for extragenic suppressors
(second-site suppressor mutations) to try to identify the other elements
required for this localization?  Are there perhaps proteins that bind to
the 3' targeting region?  Of course, given the instability of mRNA (at least in
 systems I have worked with - perhaps because embryos are running off of matern
aal RNA they are different than most cells) this may be a difficult demonstrati
on.  Is is possible that the observed phenomenon is due to differential mRNA
stablity and not due to differential localization (I am admittedly not familiar
 with the literature)?  ANy other observations that may explain the mechanism?

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